Professor Henrietta Moore

Professor Henrietta Moore is Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL.  She is Chair of the London Prosperity Board.


Saffron Woodcraft

Saffron leads the IGP's work on prosperity and cities. She manages the London Prosperity Board, leads development of the Prosperity Index, and directs research and practical projects with the communities in East London. 




Hannah Sender

Hannah leads the LPB’s work with citizen scientists. She coordinates the Citizen Science Working Group and leads the Hackney Wick research team.

Saamah Abdallah - FULL SIZE.jpg

Saamah Abdallah

Saamah designed the indexing method for the Prosperity Index.  He advises and oversees data collection and analysis for the Index.


Ben Anderson

Ben is responsible for data analysis and compilation of the Prosperity Index.  He leads the Olympic Park research team and co-ordinates the work of the London Prosperity Board.



David Bent

David leads a new Community of Practice exploring ‘industrial strategy for secure livelihoods in east London'.