Prosperity beyond wealth and economic growth

How we think about prosperity is changing. For decades, prosperity has been associated with wealth, whilst economic growth has been seen as the only way to improve standards of living. However, austerity politics, growing social and financial inequalities and entrenched poverty show that increasing economic growth does not automatically translate into better opportunities or improvements in health and quality of life for people and communities.

 Prosperity means different things to different people and a good life can be lived in many ways. Understanding this diversity is critical if we are to develop policies and strategies for enhancing prosperity that resonate with local conditions and experience.     


Who we are

The London Prosperity Board is an innovative cross-sector partnership established by the IGP to rethink what prosperity means for London. The goal of the London Prosperity Board is to develop new ways of thinking, generate new forms of evidence and test new ways of working that make sustainable and inclusive prosperity a reality for people living and working in London.  

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