Why East London? 

London is an extremely wealthy and dynamic city, but it is not a prosperous one. 

For many people, the foundations of a good life - decent work, secure housing, opportunities to learn and develop, being included in society, and having voices heard - are out of reach.  Stark economic and social inequalities affect many people today and how they feel about their futures. A critical challenge for London is to re-think what prosperity means and translate economic growth into quality of life and inclusive opportunities for all. 

East London is the pilot site for the London Prosperity Board's work.  East London is undergoing rapid social and economic transformation - driven by long-term changes to the economy and large-scale regeneration.  The London Prosperity Board is working in five neighbourhoods to understand what prosperity and the good life mean in local terms. Our pilot sites are in Canning Town, Coventry Cross, Heath, Hackney Wick, and Olympic Park. 

Underpinning all our work is the belief that people are the best designers and researchers of their own prosperity. We work with local community organisations and train community members to become local researchers.  Read about our Citizen Science team here.